Developer Offers Inside View on Working at

Ever wonder what an IT job at would be like? Shaz Rajput, a senior software developer for the big-box retailer’s Website offered up his experience at the Tech Career Expo in San Francisco recently.

Rajput was assigned to revamp the retailing giant’s search feature on Over the years,’s search struggled with both relevancy and giving priority to better selling products. Instead of just improving search, they decided to completely gut it and start from scratch.

The project turned into challenging fun and, says Rajput, was far better than the mundane task of babysitting software. But the task also called for a lot of late nights.


During the search revamp, Rajput says he was working late into the night, not going home and not knowing the difference between night and day. It’s not a ringing endorsement for working at, but Rajput says it wasn’t so bad because it was so much fun and challenging. Besides, he noted, it’s not a constant situation and things are now back to normal.

“When you’re passionate about something, time goes by,” Rajput says. Perks

As for the benefits of working at, you get complete access to any technology you could possibly think of, says Rajput, who argues that not many people realize the degree of technology that resides inside For example, Walmart Labs is a front runner on many of the company’s social projects. also allows for telecommuting, but Rajput doesn’t like working from home because he ends up working more. When telecommuting, Rajput finds he works through lunch, forgets when it’s 5 p.m. and ends up working until 9 p.m. He prefers going to the office.

The company doesn’t appear to be filled with micro-managers, he notes.

‘If you act like a professional, they treat you like a professional,” says Rajput. You can walk in anytime you want and walk out anytime you want – as long as you get your work done.

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  1. Anoni Mous

    As a Walmart stockholder, and a shopper on from time to time, I personally complained at least twice to the 1-800-WALMART call center staff about how horrible the Search feature was on You could enter the simplest of phrases and get 9999 results, NONE of which were relevant to your search term, and it did not seem to matter how specific your search phrase was.

    So, this was a much needed upgrade. I have not checked it out yet, but I am sure it is an improvement, and one that will drive sales revenue. Given the huge quantity of items on Walmart. com, included 3rd party vendors, it must have been quite a challenge!

    Maybe you should go fix Amazon’s database now! LOL.

  2. maryam

    What he is describing is a combination of the nature of the beast and a sweat shop. Requires Gladiator programmers to put in those long hours and only if you have absolutely zero commitment outside the work.


    Neither Outsourcing, nor H1B will improve tech companies in the US or Australia. We need engineers from nations that feed their kids with milk and meat.

    Indians will screw up US. US should stop them to flood our country.

    • Cicuta

      And how do you sugest the US can accomplish that? Look at our students, most of them are in drugs, cannot do math, don’t wanf to go to college and even if they do college is for the wealthy people now in America. Even Junior College is expensive and in my days of being a studnet it was 100% free in California any way. Get real, if the US stops H1B and Indian immigration this country goes to hell and that is reality.

    • Akshan

      Looks like you are blindly complaining about Indians. There are many Indians in US Software industry, just because local talent is not sufficient to meet the demands. Believe me, if given a chance, many executives will still prefer a US-born professional even if that person is as good as just 60% of Indian (or H1B) counter part.

      As long as US colleges charge exorbitant fees and kids don’t come out of drugs and alcohol, it is going to be difficult to get home grown engineers.

      Start your social work to educate more home-grown engineers, then automatically H1B program will stop.

    • Jimmy Lozano

      HEY cicuta and akshan
      Both of you are making a “truly point” of the Unemployment here in USA.
      but, instead to blame only at the Indian immigration or hippies citizen students,
      WE CAN NOT FORGET there are many BIG ENTERPRISE AND COMPANY’S with roots and capitals “made in USA” that have a lot of JOBS outside the U.S.
      How can be possible that many products, parts, devices, clothes, etc… that WE consume and use has tag “Made in: China, UK, Korea, Mexico, etc…
      Why Apple, Microsoft, Dell, etc… have big Enterprises based outside of this Country
      I can assure: if those companies bring back all those jobs to USA the Unemployment percent will be a HALF or less than the numbers we have right now.

      • akshan

        When these companies outsourced, they “outsourced” their customers too (basically, purchasing power of US consumers came down.) Soon these companies will realize they cannot continue current outsourcing model. Till then outsourcing will continue.

        Still, US education cost is going to be an issue…

  4. walmart is quit famous for:

    1. OUTSOURCING development
    2. being RUNE at interviews with emeritus software engineers (just like the walton family is with about everybody else)
    3. DISCRIMINATING based on race, country of origine, sex, you name it (been in courts for countless times)
    4. paying very MODEST SALARIES especially to developers

    so, please give us a break!!! from our point of view, these red necks can go to hell (trying to be polite)