How Google’s Nexus 7 Could Spur Real Competition Against the iPad

Google’s The raging battle between Apple's iPhone and Google's AndroidAndroid and Apple’s iOS are competing more and more but, fortunately, their latest fight won’t be over patent issues. Yesterday, Google announced its Nexus 7 Tablet, which looks to be a direct competitor with the iPad.

As I’ve said, I don’t think the Nexus 7 has enough power to steal a big chunk of Apple’s market share, but this might change if enough people resist the idea of giving Apple its premium price. Still, Google’s move is smart and should grow Android’s slice of the market. If someone wants to buy a new tablet right now, but only spend around $200, Nexus 7 is the perfect choice. Plus, besides its killer price, the Nexus 7 comes the latest improvements from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Why Android is Moving Ahead

When the iPhone was released in 2007, Apple had the first true smartphone. Before then, almost everyone owned a Nokia, and considered any phone that let your browse the Internet “smart.” But the iPhone redefined what a smartphone is. Then along came the iPad, with a same result in the tablet space.

When Android was officially released in September 2008, I remember not really trusting it. It looked so ugly and was different from iOS. But my perspective has changed over the last 2two years as Google has demonstrated its commitment. Yes, there were mistakes like fragmentation or poor releases. But since Google hired Matias Duarte, the former webOS VP, in 2010, things like interface and user experience started to change.

If Android gains tablet market share over Apple in the next years, it’s because Apple has shown everyone what a perfect mobile OS should be like. With that example, and armies of dedicated people, Android and Microsoft could well eat the Apple and finally start a real competition. Thumbs up for Apple!

It’s too early to draw a conclusions, though. We’ll have to wait at least a year to see if Nexus 7 or other Androids can be serious threats to Apple’s dominance.

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