SAP to Designate HANA Distinguished Engineers

As SAP plans to run its core ERP on HANA by the end of this year, the enterprise software giant is planning to create the role of “distinguished engineer” for its HANA in-memory database platform.

About 1,800 people have undergone training since HANA was released a year ago, but this new title will involve a deeper engagement with the technology, says PCWorld.

Distinguished engineer titles will be bestowed on developers, database administrators and other SAP HANA technologists who have an interest in furthering their skills with the technology.  According to SAP’s blog post, the program will bring together hands-on technical experts to further information sharing, cross-training and best practices through briefings, roadmap updates and events at conferences, both virtual and in person. It also will seek out experts’ input about real-world implementations.

HANA Quaterback Needs Game Plan

SAP realizes the success of its HANA project depends on having enough people skilled in the technology, analyst and noted HANA program leader Jon Reed says in PCWorld.

“When you look at the people who are going to add the most value to a HANA project now, it’s people who have been through a proof-of-concept or a go live,” and that remains a fairly small group, Reed said. Those who have merely gotten certified on HANA “can’t be the quarterback” on a project,” he added.

Reed called SAP’s documentation at release “severely lacking” and rated its record on HANA education since as mixed. When I spoke with Chris Hallenbeck, SAP’s senior director of HANA innovation, for a story on in-memory database skills published last month, he referred to education materials still to be released.

Added Reed:

“They’re trying to make sure they don’t let the community down. But like everything else the report card comes in the follow-through.”

SAP not only needs to follow-though on delivering educational materials but also clearly articulating what it takes to become a HANA distinguished engineer and, more importantly, the value of holding such a title.

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