Apple Will Shut Down Ping With Next iTunes Release

Apple PingApple has its own social network, called Ping. You may have heard of it. Or maybe not. Either way, don’t get too excited. It’s just a social network centered around music, where you can share what you are listening or what concerts you are attending.

Steve Jobs announced Ping in September 2010, and now Apple’s shutting it down because of lack of interest. AllThingdsD says that will happen with the next release of iTunes. The good news or social media fans: Apple says it will more deeply integrate Facebook into iOS 6.

Ping can’t really be called called a failed product because the company never seemed to invest much money or effort into developing it. It joins other discontinued Apple efforts like The Power Mac G4 Cube, iSight, the Black MacBook, the “Clamshell” iBook, the LaserWriter, and Final Cut Express on the recycling heap of history.

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