Apple Partnership To Bring Facebook iOS Jobs?

Apple announced Monday its long-anticipated partnership with Facebook, potentially giving iOS developers a chance to work at the social networking giant. But whether it will lead to an onslaught of iOS hiring at Facebook is debatable.

Facebook may resort to selectively hiring iOS developers, rather than issuing a huge casting call. For example, it currently lists only one job opening for an iOS software developer and earlier today it announced it hired a team of iOS apps tool developers from  Pieceable Software.

If Facebook wanted to go all-out regarding Pieceable, it would have acquired the company, its technology or its customers. But it didn’t do any of the three, says Pieceable’s Web site. It only wanted Pieceable’s software talent.

This pick-and-chose approach for iOS developers apparently has been in the making for awhile. It likely got it’s start last May when Facebook hired George Hotz. According to Redmond Pie, Hotz is best known for being one of the first to unlock the first version of Apple’s iPhone and subsequent iPhone hacks.

And in another sign Facebook’s iOS hiring may be slow, or at least stealth-like, consider the way it’s handled hiring for Android developers. It currently only lists one opening for an Android mobile developer, even though it’s had its partnership with Google for awhile.

In making its Facebook announcement, Apple plans a broad integration with the social networking giant that includes a “Like” function for the App and iTunes Stores, says All Things D. It also plans to have a public API, allowing iOS developers to more easily integrate Facebook into their apps.

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