Sprint Nextel To Offer Prepaid iPhones

Sprint Nextel plans to offer prepaid iPhones later this month, making it the second carrier within the last two weeks to announce such a move. But, as one would expect, without the carrier subsidy by locking customers in for a two-year contract, the price of the iPhone will be pricy.

Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA plans to sell the iPhone 4  8GB for $549 and the iPhone 4S 16GB for $649. Virgin Mobile is offering an unlimited data and messaging plan for $35 a month without a contract or activation fees.

Sprint will begin offering prepaid iPhones on June 29.

Leap Wireless International made a similar move last week, announcing it would carry the iPhone on a prepaid service tied to its Cricket Wireless network, says The Wall Street Journal.

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June 09, 2012 at 9:32 pm, Computer Science Grad said:

I just hope for $500 plus the phone is actually a quality piece of merchandise that works. There are too many high priced phones on the market that do not work properly and customers have a difficult time getting repaired. Mobile companys also need better customer service.


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