Google Hires webOS Enyo Team Members from Hewlett-Packard

Google has hired away from Hewlett-Packard the team leading the Enyo HTML 5 development project, the application framework that debuted on the TouchPad. A version 1.0 is slated for release later this year.

Google hired the half-dozen or so people — who reportedly include project leader Matt McNulty —  individually, not en masse. (We should note that Google did not acquire the webOS technology, though HP has reportedly been seeking a buyer.)

However, a blog post on the Enyo website says that the majority of the engineering and leadership team are staying put:

The core of Enyo 2 is solid. We’re hearing great things from developers about the performance improvements in the last release, and we have another release on the way….we’re hiring — not just to replace the engineers who have left, but to increase the size of the team going forward.

In December, HP said it would take webOS open source, continuing to be active in development and support. But 275 webOS employees were laid off in February. And whatever the cause of the departures, the company says its plans are still on track:

We’re pleased with the traction Enyo has gained to date and plan to continue its development along with the open source community. The Open webOS project is on schedule and we remain committed to the roadmap announced in January.

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