Facebook’s IPO and You; HP Layoff Details [DiceTV]

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How Facebook’s IPO could impact your career… Details on Hewlett Packard’s restructuring… and we’ve got a new Talent Community for you — on Linux. All on this week’s DiceTV.

Cat Miller

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  1. Just curious…noticed your webcasts on DiceTV video and audio are out of synch. I look forrward to seeing Cat each week as she does a great job, but its tough to watch. Any quick fix here?

  2. Riley McCrazy

    I don’t think that slowing down investment in social media is a bad thing. Facebook absorbed $16 billion worth of value from the real world economy through their IPO and promptly flushed 1/3 of that down the stock market toilet. Yup, they have 900+ million users, but the company is run by a fellow that rejected, at virtually every stage of the company’s development, every opportunity to monetize the value that the service provides . And he owns 20% of the company and controls 58% of the voting shares. Maybe a company that is run by a fellow that has repeatedly demonstrated a disinterest in making money shouldn’t be valued at 100x earnings. He is NOT Steve Jobs or Bill Gates; neither of them would ever think about building a company that provides a product or service without being compensated for that provision. However, Facebook’s recently announced changes to their advertising policy is a positive step; it means that Mr. Zuckerberg has at least begun to acknowledge the responsibility that he and his company have to increasing revenue and profitability, and to solving the biggest whopper of all: how can social media contribute to the creation of value in the real economy?