CIOs Value IT Professionals’ Soft Skills

CIOs are increasingly seeking workers who not only possess technical skills — but soft skills, as well. Driving this need is the dilemma of melding a company’s business goals with emerging technologies.

As a result, soft skills such as teamwork, project management, analytical skills and out-of-the-box thinking are becoming highly valued traits in developers and other IT professionals.

Here’s how the survey results of 500 U.S. companies — which come from CompTIA — stack up:

  • 93 percent felt a skills gap exists between the company’s needs and their IT staff’s capabilities.
  • Approximately 60 percent say they’re not close to narrowing the gap.
  • 48 percent indicated plans to focus on narrowing the gap.
  • 19 percent plan to only focus on developing soft skills

In an era when multitasking is considered a great asset, employers are finding it needs to extend out even further out — to dual-career tasking. It’s just another indication that IT isn’t just about tech skills anymore.

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2 Responses to “CIOs Value IT Professionals’ Soft Skills”

  1. I’m going to question the stats; after all there are three types of lies.

    I know/knew a manager who frequently questioned the technical abilities, and soft skills, of members of his staff. It was simply his way of showing everyone who was the boss. In reality the persons most frequently belittled were those he felt were the most significant “threat” to his control. I suspect he is not the only CIO named Peter Principle.

    Additionally, IT never was only about tech skills. The “goto” guys and girls were the IT pros who possessed the soft skills that allowed them to work well with other business units. The only time “tech skills alone” are important is if your position requires absolutely zero contact with a human being.