Tech Recruiting Stays Steady, Facebook May Hire More [Video]

Technology executives plan to continue hiring during the second quarter, but mostly at the same rate…  Some recruiters think the hiring pace at Facebook is going to pick up now that its  IPO’s done…  Apple’s expanding the scope of iCloud… and Provo, Utah-based Qualtrics has snagged $70 million in venture funds, and plans to use it to more than double its staff… All on this week’s DiceTV Job Minute.


2 Responses to “Tech Recruiting Stays Steady, Facebook May Hire More [Video]”

May 31, 2012 at 10:46 pm, Ben Tomsheck said:


I have always enjoyed your upbeat presentations; specifically Cat’s. My origins are from Iowa, maybe that’s it. I appreciate the technical insights into the IT world. I am a bit more Biomedical based but now days there is so much evolving with the disposable equipment assemblies and subassemblies, SMT cheap PC boards duplicated in China and bought up in quatities here at a significant discount with no real “guarantees”. There seems to be loopholes and FDA policies that are changing from the past 30 years I have been trying to comprehend all of this. I reside in the Puget Sound area and I am trying diligently to develop my own ISO in these merging, competitive
fields. I won’t give up, ever ! I keep reminding myself that the older I am the wiser I am as well, in a good sense. Any advise, leads, good humor, as your stuff always brightens the day.



June 01, 2012 at 7:53 am, Mark Feffer said:

Thanks, Ben. If you’ve got any ideas for posts that would help you, email me at editor at




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