VooMote Zapper App Means to Tame TV Remote Creep

Voomate Zapper

The VooMote Zapper is yet another attempt to simplify the home entertainment experience.

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Like BlinQ and NeoTV Remote, VooMote Zapper allows you to shelve the remotes and program one — just one — to your liking. (I was able to strip out most of the buttons that I never use.) If your remote isn’t in the VooMote database of compatible devices, you can teach them how to work together.

After you plug it into your smartphone, the Zapper allows you to create macros that simulate a frequent activity, like flipping on the set, starting the DVD, and pausing to wait for you to come back with the popcorn.

One of my biggest problems with third-party remotes is their lack of multiple profiles. In my house, I have three sets of media rooms: the living room, the basement and the bedroom. Each one has different devices. But with the Zapper, I can designate which room it’s in, then manage each device bundle as if I had a separate remote.

The Zapper’s only problem is that I need to detach it to perform other tasks, like charging and syncing, so it’s likely to get lost. That aside, I can see where it could bring some sanity back to my TV-watching hours.

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