California Governor Gaffes Facebook Birthplace

Ok, tell me Facebook’s birthplace.




If you said “no” to all three, you and California Governor Jerry Brown are neck-and-neck in this tech trivia question.

But how about California? Land of Silicon Valley? Gov. “Moonbeam” Brown says, you betcha, according to a report in the Washington Post.

Gong! Wrong, wrong, wrong…

When the interviewer corrected Brown that Facebook wasn’t born in California, but rather in Cambridge, Mass., at Harvard University, Brown didn’t miss a beat.

According to the Post report, Brown retorted that Facebook’s founders made a quick migration to California shortly after creating the company: “where all the other innovative people are.”

Gov. Moonbeam’s head may have been in the clouds, thinking of all the potential billions of dollars in tax revenue Facebook may bring in for the state. And don’t forgot about the other sources of tax revenue, given the estimated 1,000 new millionaires created by Facebook’s IPO on Friday.

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