Why We’re Losing the War on Talent

We’re losing the war on talent because we’re not focused sufficiently on talent development beyond education and training programs, said John Hagel (@jhagel), Director & Co-Chairman Center for the Edge, Deloitte Consulting. If you’re serious about developing talent you have to do it in the day to day work environment.

Get insight from John in this 4-minute video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymyIx4T-KEo&w=560&h=349&wmode=window&h=349]

Hagel pointed to China and India having very robust talent development of not just their employers but also their partners. Hagel is also inspired by independent contractors who use the online space to learn from each other. For example, SAP has a software developer network where 2 million participants learn from each other. Similarly, contact center service LiveOps have provided their isolated “at home” workers with tools so that they can learn from each other.