Fewer Women Occupy CIO’s Office

Here’s a few interesting data points:

  • The percentage of CIOs who are women dropped from 11 percent in 2011 to 9 percent this year.
  • Thirty percent of 450 companies polled said their IT departments have no women in management positions at all.
  • Only half of the survey’s respondents think women are under-represented in IT.

Kind of a disconnect. Women still have to overcome preconceived notions, such as their desire to start a family gets in the way of their work. The fact that women see few others in management and executive positions often discourages them from pursuing technology careers. It’s “a self-fullfilling prophecy,” Anna Frazzetto, senior vice president of international technology solutions at recruiter Harvey Nash USA told Reuters.

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  1. shantal

    In every IT environment I have personally been in, except the ones run by females of which there was one or two, Males nearly exclusively dominated the IT environment to the extent that there seemed to be an unwritten policy against hiring women. I am not sure why this was the case except that perhaps they felt that hiring women might ‘upset the applecart’ so to speak. In more layman’s terms, they were happy with the ‘status quo’ and saw no need to hire women. I suppose they didn’t consider the fact that they had female customers. I have male friends in IT who have noted to me that they have witnessed the lack of female promotion in IT departments.

  2. shantal

    Also I might mention there is a sexist attitude that is honestly pretty pervasive in IT. As a young woman I started out as a graphic designer and a pretty good one. I was thrilled when my first male customer asked to see the ‘graphics guy’, to which I responded, ‘I am’. If I had given up then I would not be able to list the litany of career prohibitive experiences I have faced in IT since that time, but I guess that’s not what this forum is for.