Why Facebook’s App Center Is Important

Facebook’s new App Center has three categories:

  • Mobile apps (for both iOS and Android) that use the Facebook Login
  • Web apps that use the Facebook Login
  • Facebook.com apps on a canvas page

How dramatically will the App Center influence app development? Share your comments below. 

For downloads, the App Center transfers users to Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

For Facebook, creating the center is a logical step to maintain its relevancy in years to come. The App Center is different from other app discovery services, since it will only list apps featuring Facebook logins. A platform with more than 900 million users is a huge incentive for developers to include that, especially to those who lack exposure in the App Store and Google Play.

By having Facebook planted in mobile apps, user content from smartphones will be fed back to Facebook with easy or even automatic sharing capabilities, which is plenty helpful in maintaining its status as “the” social network (as opposed to Google+’s “ghost town” nickname).

The debate of open Web vs. app is a never-ending one, but it’s undeniable that mobile is leading the charge to get users connected. A strong presence on both sides would ensure that Facebook won’t turn into another MySpace, at least not in the next five years.

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