Yahoo Board Member Who ‘Vetted’ CEO Will Step Down

Today’s Yahoo news: The board member who oversaw the hiring of CEO Scott Thompson has reportedly decided not to seek re-election at the company’s next annual meeting.

In addition to the pressure she’s under at Yahoo, International Game Technology CEO Patti Hart is being pressed by that company’s board to step away from Yahoo so she can focus on her day job.

Says Kara Swisher, who first reported the development:

The departure makes her the first — but definitely not the last — casualty of the controversy over how a fake college degree managed to get in Yahoo’s regulatory filings via Thompson’s inaccurate bio.

Since Friday, when news broke that Thompson has never actually had the computer science degree he claimed,  the story just won’t die. Dan Loeb, who heads Yahoo investor Third Point and made the accusation, now wants more details on the CEO’s hiring

And, Yahoo’s employees are speaking up. Business Insider compiled comments from a number of them, which range from:

Scott’s bio is absolutely ridiculous and wreaks of incompetence. IMO, Patti needs to step down over this, and as crazy as it seems, we need to embrace the enemy a little and have Loeb or one of his lackeys join.


As a Yahoo that we are all very unhappy about the resume issue… not because of the issue itself but because we have had so much drama. it’s becoming unbearable and this is the icing on the cake and from our new CEO nonetheless.


Everyone hates his guts.  He keeps saying that he doesn’t care if *everyone* leaves — he’ll rebuild the company from the ground up.  Except, he wouldn’t know from building a company — he’s a fraud, a liar, and a douchebag.  He cheated and lied his way to his position at PayPal, didn’t get caught, got brazen, and decided to swing it to become a CEO of an ailing giant.  I hope he falls hard and lands on his thick head!

This sentiment, btw, is shared by almost all of middle management, and most of the directors and VPs.  The guy is dead meat, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

There’s more. Take a look at Business Insider’s post here.