Ten Stories on Customizing Your Job Search

The BrainThe process of looking for a job has a bunch of components to it, but none is as important as customizing your approach. Sending out 100 identical resumes in pursuit of 100 distinct opportunities is pretty much a waste of time.

There are always exceptions, of course, but those are lucky. The great majority of the time, it’s your ability to fit into a specific role with specific skills that catches the manager’s eye.

This is a fact of life that nobody likes. But it also reflects the very human aspect of job hunting. No manager is trying to figure out solutions in exactly the same way as others. Each job requires a different package of skills. Each team has a distinct personality, and a unique approach. Each company has its own culture. From the very beginning, you have to demonstrate that you’re the one who offers the solution best tailored to all of this. You can’t do that by sending out a form.

So, here are ten of our best stories on how to customize your approach. If you’ve got your own suggestions, be sure to post them in the comments below.

2 Responses to “Ten Stories on Customizing Your Job Search”

  1. It would nice to provide a file management or resume management tool for those 100 different versions… Because quite often, one goes to an interview and they do not receive a copy from the company, they have to bring their own printed copy.
    And if it’s somehow the wrong one, out of the dozens slightly different?!