Kindle Fire Sales Trounce Other Androids Tablets

Kindle FireAmazon’s Kindle Fire has proven one point in the six months since its release: You don’t need to get there first to win. Doing it right is all that matters. A recent study by comScore indicates that the Kindle Fire has captured 54.4 percent of Android tablet market share in the U.S, more than all the other players combined.

The Fire’s success can be attributed to Amazon’s brand name, aggressive pricing and digital content. The last two aren’t common in all Android tablets. The second largest, of course, is Samsung, the infamous Apple frenemy. The South Korean company has less than one third of Amazon’s market share, just 15.4 percent.

In comparison, the market share difference all the remaining OEMs is rather insignificant. The lesser firms — including Motorola, Asus and Toshiba — all have share in the single digits. (It’s important to note that the data is only accurate in the U.S. Samsung, for example, could be doing much better in South Korea due to local support and the unavailability of the Kindle Fire.)

Another interesting data from comScore: Tablets with larger screens see higher levels of content consumption. I suspected this after owning a BlackBerry PlayBook, a 7-inch tablet that offers superior portability but not necessarily the most comfortable approach to content consumption. PDFs, for example, are too small to view in full size, and too cumbersome to view in landscape mode.

There are various reports in the past months speculating that a 10-inch Kindle Fire could be launched soon — as in, before June. If the pricing strategy is the same, Amazon shouldn’t have any problem maintaining its top spot among Android tablets.