Tips for a Great ‘Hire Me’ Campaign

With half of new graduates jobless or underemployed, many job seekers aren’t sitting around waiting for employers to call. Instead, they’re making a statement by launching a “Hire Me” campaign.

While a successful “Hire Me” campaign can encompass a wide range of elements, most job seekers garner attention and persuade recruiters and managers to review their resume by using social media, a blog and/or personal website to highlight their attributes and technical expertise.

While some purchase ads or incorporate keywords to boost page views and hits, a “Hire Me” campaign should augment traditional job hunting activities and boost the effectiveness of your search. So don’t stop responding to job postings or forget to customize your cover letter and resume.

“Hire Me” Campaign Tips

  • Include a “Hire Me” page on your blog

This job seeker speaks directly to reviewers by highlighting the reasons why employers should consider him before providing a copy of his resume.

  • Cross-reference

Make it easy for an interested employer to learn more about you by including links to your online profile, resume, portfolio, blog, and social media pages on everything. Then use Twitter and other forms of social media to announce the arrival of new blog content or the acquisition of new skills and experience. Also, embed a link to your “Hire Me” page in a QR code.

  • Be professional

Instead of describing weekend adventures or posting party photos, post a professional headshot on Facebook and talk about student projects, internships and recent pro bono activities. Connect with colleagues, professional groups and professors, since recommendations and endorsements are key elements of a successful “Hire Me” campaign.

  • Be creative

Include a Q&A about your unique talents, testimonials from co-workers or host an online chat or discussion. But think twice before posting a crazy video or photos, because over-the-top techniques didn’t help this seeker land a job at Google.

2 Responses to “Tips for a Great ‘Hire Me’ Campaign”

  1. Proud Paulbot

    Thanks for including the link about how half of all college grads–not just tech grads–are unemployed or malemployed. I’ve been beating this drum for ages. The unemployed and malemployed are running up against the Pigeonhole Principle. There are approximately 4-5 applicants for every single job opening in America. This means that, regardless of how determined, intrepid, talented and qualified each applicant is, 3-4 of them will walk away empty-handed.

    All that said…

    Are “Hire Me” campaigns a good idea? Well, if nothing else is working, you may as well give it a shot. I do wonder, however, if these campaigns work best for applicants seeking sales or marketing positions. What the Krispy Kreme guy did was brilliant…for the position he was applying for, at the type of company he was applying to. What he did would have never flown if he were applying at, say, a staid financial institution or healthcare company. He clearly knew his audience, which is what marketing is all about.

    I also question whether it would work for an applicant seeking a tech position…or even a position at a tech company. The inference I got from the article you linked to is that Google, despite it trying to paint itself as a “fun” company, is as conservative as a Big Law firm.