How to Use QR Codes In Your Job Search

QR codes can increase their visibility with recruiters and potential employers. Here’s what career expert and strategist Mary Jane Vincent says:

I recommend that my clients create a personal QR code and individual ‘search me’ link to help them curate their specific Google results. We find, organize and vet the results, enabling them to manage their online reputation, control their personal brand and make a stellar first impression.

Ever thought of including a QR code in your resume? Think it’ll work? Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

If you’re inclined to use a QR code, include it on your resume, business card and any other materials you use so that prospective employers can use to get the dettails you want them to see. It’s particularly helpful if you bump into an employer at a conference or users group, or meet throngs of recruiters at a job fair, because it creates a scannable shortcut to the “hire me” information on your website. That information can can include details of your accomplishments, recommendations, awards, professional articles your blog and public profile.

James Alexander, CEO of QR-code developer Vizibility, says that adding a code to your resume is a tech-centric way to illustrate your strengths and make your resume stand out. He recommends setting up a QR code that links to a mobile-friendly mini-site presenting  curated links and information. And he makes the smart point that you can tailor your profile toward a specific search.

Other benefits include the ability to set up an alert system through an online identity management service so you can receive a text or email when someone scans your QR code. Plus, a code will help employers find your online information, especially if you have a common name (“Nice to meet you, Mr. Smith.”).

If you want to create a QR code, try QR-Code Generator or Or, simply find a smartphone app by searching for QR Codes or QR Code Makers.

4 Responses to “How to Use QR Codes In Your Job Search”

  1. I put a QR code on my resume that links directly to my page. At that site a potential employer can see all of my social sites and clearly depict my personal brand identity. I’m a huge advocate of the QR codes, especially with the popularity of smart phones.

  2. Making sure it is a high-quality QR Code and doesn’t go to a dead page or take a non-compatible action with the version of the device is key. Not doing so is like having a personal website that is broken when someone tries to get to it later…..

    Also signifying where the scanner is going to be taken and for what info is also an important piece, otherwise it’s like a physical popup ad that has no information on it!

    Professionally, QR Codes are a great way to record/ document anything since they are unique numbers with lots of function. Build it once professionally for resume, use it for marking everything else!