Game Designer Loses His Job, Creates Amazing Solar System App

Video game designer Christopher Albeluhn lost his job, then created what looks to be an extremely cool view of the solar system.

The Solar System: Explore Your Backyard allows users to explore space in 3D. It was highlighted on Reddit by Albeluhn’s roommate and the project’s first demo video now has more than 70,000 views.

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Though he started with a focus on Earth, Albeluhn expanded his efforts to include all eight planets (poor Pluto) and 88 constellations. He now plans to add dwarf planets, satellites, more detailed models, NASA satellite paths and a viewing library, says VentureBeat

Albeluhn is taking donations to help him continue the project. He explains on his Indiegogo page:

Everything received through Indiegogo will be going straight towards the project, this isn’t only for the PC build though. Once everything is cleared by Epic, the project is complete and a distributor is found; I will be putting all remaining money into converting this to a format supported by the iPad and possibly iPhone. This will require more coding, and a lot of time.

Here’s his video: