Opera Says App-Tribute Tracks Without Invading Privacy

Opera LogoOpera Software’s launched App-Tribute, a small footprint SDK that developers can include in their applications to track successful downloads and subsequent installs. Why not use the iOS device’s unique identification number (UDID), as developers have been doing for years? Apple has stopped accepting applications that reference it.

Apple’s move was part of a broader industry effort to give consumers the option to restore some privacy while Web surfing. In March, Congress sent letters to Apple and 34 other companies asking them to explain their practices with regards to mobile privacy.  There is also a loose initiative to create a Do Not Track button on browsers.

Opera, through its subsidiary AdMarvel, is trying to strike a balance between providing advertisers with an accurate account of who downloaded what app from where while still maintaining the privacy of consumers who clicked on, downloaded and used the app. UDIDs, cookies and MAC addresses aren’t captured.

It works for app-based advertising campaigns and enables cost-per-click, per-download, per-install, per-mile or 1,000-impression promotions. It also works across all ad formats, including banners and interstitials — those advertisements that appears in a separate browser window while you wait for your Web page to load.

Opera says App-Tribute has already been deployed by some customers, including a personalized Internet radio service and leading mobile game developers.