Google’s Looking for a New Doodler

Google is looking for a new Doodler, the designer who creates those versions of its logo tailored to birthdays of the famous, holidays, and milestones of all sorts.

Google Doodle - Carnival 2012

Ever since intern Dennis Hwang created the first official Google Doodle twelve years ago, they’ve become cultural touchpoints. Anyone who creates a Google Doodle can rightly claim to be one of the world’s most viewed artists. And that artist could be you.

Here’s how Google describes the work:

As a Product Graphic Designer/Illustrator, more commonly known as a “Doodler,” you have the world’s best platform to showcase your stylistic skills–as well as your sense of humor, love of all things historical and imaginative artistry. From Jules Verne to Pac-Man, you have the reins to our brand and iconic logo and can run free with your innovative ideas.

What skills do you need?

  •  A Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. In lieu of a degree, four years of relevant experience.
  • Freehand illustration skills and a wide range of artistic styles.
  • Ability to translate conceptual direction into amazing works of art.
  • Ability to work collaboratively.
  • Comfort with digital and traditional media.
  • Knowledge of animation fundamentals.
  • Online portfolio/reel.

How could anyone with artistic flair — at least anyone who lives in the Bay Area — resist?

Image: Google