Detroit to Laid-Off Yahoo Staffers: We Want You!

Detroit SkylineDetroit technology businesses have a message for newly laid off Yahoo employees: The Motor City will welcome you with open arms.

Would you consider a move to Detroit? Why not if the opportunity’s there? Let us know in the comments below.

A group of Detroit tech businesses — including Quicken Loans, Detroit Venture Partners, Rockbridge Growth Equity and — are among the companies interested in hiring hundreds of technology and marketing professionals formerly employed by Yahoo. Or anyone else looking for a career change, for that matter.

How interested? The group has created the website ValleytoDetroit to promote its campaign. Companies will immediately begin interviews and have committed to fly in final candidates to introduce them to what the local boosters claim is a wide-range of established and startup companies that have sprung up in the city’s emerging tech corridor.

Editor’s note: The site offers an option to purchase $2 “tokens” which it claims ensures your resume will be viewed by a hiring manager within 15 days or the fee will be returned. We don’t like that angle, but we’ll see how it works. If anyone has tried the site out, let us know how it turned out one way or another in the comments below.

“Detroit is quickly emerging as one of the nation’s best kept secrets when it comes to technology, Internet and mobile-related jobs,” says Josh Linkner, CEO and Managing Partner of Detroit Venture Partners, a technology venture capital fund. “We know that there is a great deal of talent inside of Yahoo — especially in marketing and Web development, and we’re encouraging those who have been impacted by job cuts to consider Detroit as the next stop in their career.”

Updated April 19 to add editor’s note.

3 Responses to “Detroit to Laid-Off Yahoo Staffers: We Want You!”

  1. I heard that Detroit is a beautiful city and if they are not only targeting for pre-employees of Yahoo, I think I will go and find a job there. Especially it is a city close to the ocean and the ocean is an ideas generator for me, I will be more than happy to find my IT career there.

      • I was born and raised IN Detroit (not a suburb of Detroit).It’s a beautiful city! Detroit sits on the river, a bridge or tunnel ride away from Windsor, Ontario Canada. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful properties and lots to do, depending on your lifestyle choices, of course. My parents are boaters and dock a 36 foot Carver in the heart of downtown. We grew up with our backyard on a golf course. The city has had big challenges, but it survives and it bounces back! I haven’t lived there in many years, but it will always be home and my parents will be the last ones left, the ones who turn the lights off, before they will ever leave.