Bicycle Blenders Make Smoothies On The Go

Bike BlenderIf you already have, or plan to get yourself a zombie apocalypse survival kit, consider adding this to the list: A human-powered blender.

The idea is similar to that of a bicycle dynamo. Both convert your energy to power an external device, but instead of a crucial headlamp, the blender makes you smoothies or anything that you decide to throw in there.

A bicycle is probably the best mode of land transport in the case of a zombie apocalypse. You get to keep yourself fit at all times and you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel. A big cup of smoothie will probably be the least of your concerns if this happens, but you’d still probably appreciate more than ever.

The blenders come in three different configurations and pricing, none of which are cheap in my opinion (it’s just a blender after all!). The cheapest one costs $225, increasing to $249 if you want a height-rack, and lastly a whooping $1,700 for the one with a stationary bike.

It might be worthwhile if you love smoothies, but personally, I’d probably just get myself a drink from a hand-cranked vending machine.