Obama Backs Big Data, Citrix is Hiring [DiceTV]

The president is calling for All Hands on Deck…for Big Data…Citrix Systems is hiring …and Google’s “Summer of Code” is on the way…All on this week’s DiceTV Update.


2 Responses to “Obama Backs Big Data, Citrix is Hiring [DiceTV]”

April 05, 2012 at 4:57 pm, Max Entropy said:

So, Obama has a bunch of campaign donors in the data business? They mention the Internet but fail to mention Solyndra and the rest of the busted energy companies on which Obama threw away our money.
Really, we have a $15,369,265,106,815.84 national debt and we really don’t need Obama giving away more taxpayer money to bail his donors out of their failed investments.


April 06, 2012 at 2:04 pm, Rod Smith said:

To Max Entropy – Obviously, you’re not one of the tens of millions out there looking for work! You mentioned Solyndra but you didn’t offer ANY viable solutions to get the debt resolved. Spoken like a true TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN supporter. Most CIO and CEO’s are paying less than 20% in taxes. Close corporate tax loopholes. Secondly, the story mentioned “FEDERAL” departments would benefit from this……GO BACK AND LISTEN to the story, AGAIN.


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