Ubi-Camera Turns Your Fingers into the Frame

The Ubi-Camera is one of those ideas that is more interesting than it is useful.

As described by its developers from Japan’s Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, the camera uses the photographer’s fingers to frame the picture:

When you draw a picture or take a photo, you sometimes form a rectangle with your hands to decide the composition. With this camera, you can take a photo using the exact same motion. You attach this device to your index finger, and form a rectangle with your finger like this. You take the photo by using the rectangle as the viewfinder, like this. When you push hard with your thumb, the shutter is pressed.”

It seems kind of silly but the design does offer at least one notable benefit: it does away with the need for a view finder or screen – and in doing so it allows the photographer to look directly at his or her subject. If the technology ever finds its way into a better quality camera, it could make for some interesting photography.

Right now, the Ubi-Camera is not quite ready for prime time, but it still looks like a lot of fun to use.