Does Overconfidence Help You Win Hackathons?


With three strong but silent types and one skinny loudmouth, the T3 team proved to have the ingredients to pull off a successful win at the App Hackathon at SXSW. The team of four produced an impressive game simulator using the Turbulenz API.

I caught up with the team, or rather their cocky spokesman, at the beginning of the hackathon and then caught up with all of them the following morning to see what they did. Watch the video for the trash talk, laughing, and the very cool app.


You don’t necessarily need a team of four to win a hackathon as JP proved with his navigation app that integrated multiple APIs including the voice control application, Zypr. He ended up winning the Zypr API prize at the App Hackathon.

Watch the video as I talk to JP at the beginning about his plan for the hackathon and then check out the results just ten hours later.