Citrix Systems Seeks Engineers, Developers and Consultants

Citrix Systems expects to hire up to 1,200 people this year, mostly in engineering and sales, at a rate of about 300 per quarter.

The company’s looking to fill slots in product development/engineering, consulting and IT. It’s also looking for recent college engineering graduates.

How much do you care about the location of a job? Tell us in the comments below.

Citrix is focused on developing both mobile and cloud technologies, David Henshall, the company’s CFO, said in an email.

“Over the past five  years we have transformed Citrix into a leader in some of the most dynamic markets in the industry, like Web collaboration, desktop virtualization, and cloud networking,” he said. “And, recently, we have made moves to open up adjacent market opportunities in data sharing and cloud platforms.”

Last year, Citrix hired a total of 1,300 employees.

4 Responses to “Citrix Systems Seeks Engineers, Developers and Consultants”

  1. John Zavgren

    I think that a truly innovative company would not require it’s employees to be located anywhere. Telecommuting is the way to find and retain the best people in the software industry. It removes the hidden cost of commuting from an expensive home to an expensive office space. It slashes the carbon foot print of overall operation.

    I work from home and I make more money and have more fun that ever before.

    • Ward Galanis

      Huh? Where in the article is it written that Citrix is hiring people to be in certain locations? The Ft. Lauderdale BASED company hired 1,300 people last year. The fact that they are hiring is good news no matter what.

      I agree with the telecommuting comment and sometimes it is appropriate and sometimes it is not. If I am responsible for a server farm, I would like it to be close to me or someone who works for me. It is quite difficult to replace a smoked processor from 2,000 miles away.

  2. Izaak Salman

    I’m 12 years been Citrix Engineer / consultant, but never have chance to join Citrix team. I think Citrix really need change their hiring methods. Honestly, today many companies “Standard HR” hiring procedures are actually have common mistakes. An organization needs to look beyond the lines on a resume and focus on the skill-sets and certifications the candidate brings to the table and even more “Awards and Achievements”. Unfortunately, no one look at those details