Apple Nabs Nano-SIM and iWallet Patents

Apple iWallet Chip PatentApple earned two surprise patent victories related to a nano-SIM card and iWallet.

Nokia, Motorola and RIM tried to block the first patent, but in the end they all failed. Nokia said they are “not aware of any Apple Intellectual Property that it considers essential to its nano-SIM proposal,”and that the patent is not superior to Nokia’s nano-sim proposal.

The Verge reports that Apple’s nano-SIM proposal is nothing but a micro-SIM wrapped in plastic, while Nokia’s and RIM’s proposals are different in size and don’t require any external holder to keep them in place.

The second patent is for an iWallet ejectable chip. This Integrated Circuit Card is said to be used on iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod or iPad, and could be part of what Apple may use in the future.

In the future, ICCs could be integrated on all devices, not only iOS devices. These cards could securely store credit card information and act just like a virtual wallet.