iPad’s Retina Display Calls for Reworking Apps

New iPad

Skype joined the retina display app revolution, releasing Skype 3.8 for iPad that is designed specifically for the new iPad’s 2048 x 1536 screen. However, the new high-resolution application could make Skype users more squeamish, considering its enhanced ability to highlight every blemish.

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The retina display is the main selling point for the new iPad, according to a survey by Baird, and its compelling developers to update applications to take advantage of it. The New York Times is one company looking for sharper text and graphics for the iPad and Kindle. Also, Star Walk for iPad is looking for high-res textures for constellations, planets, and satellites. Plus, numerous games seek to take advantage of the display including Labyrinth 2 HD, Modern Combat 3 and Mass Effect Infiltrator.

ReadWriteWeb quotes push notification service Boxcar CEO Jonathan George as saying:

Eventually, every app will need to be retina compatible. When we transitioned from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4, users complained about how “ugly” the apps were until each app transitioned.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has pointed out that the new display contains 1 million more pixels than a HDTV set, offering crisper resolution of any visual element. The downside is that this higher resolution can dramatically increase the file size of the app. Developers, too, have complained that Apple has been slow when approving updated apps.