Apple Could Be Courting Twitter, Adobe or Corel

Apple’s got a lot of things it can do with all the cash it’s now open to spending. In Silicon Valley, speculation abounds about what those things might be.

Will Apple go on a buying spree? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Three of the more likely scenarios deal with acquisitions that would further enhance Apple’s technology position.

ZDNet’s Jason Perlow suggests that either Adobe or Corel would be ripe for acquisition and valuable additions to Apple’s holdings.  Meantime, the Washington Post speculates Twitter could also fit well into Apple’s orchard of companies.

Silicon Valley financial sources suggest that all three are real possibilities We already know Apple has the cash on hand to follow through.

7 Responses to “Apple Could Be Courting Twitter, Adobe or Corel”

  1. They’ll need to get deep into that cash to stay alive. Apple doesn’t have engineers and all the companies that were building their iCrap products have been deploying Android for a fraction of the price – and the competing products actually work because they were designed and tested by engineers…real ones with degrees! No dropped calls on my android, GPS that works indoors! Need I say more? And the Android works hands free with no typing needed, with Google’s incredibly accurate voice recognition, and their map/earth products perfectly integrated into the android? Well like I said Apple will need a LOT of cash to make some purchases of companies that actually build things, even then there is a long road ahead in actually reaching the level of what Google has achieved in just 2 years.

      • Randolf

        Mark, your information is grossly incorrect. Google’s Android has conquered; look at the pie chart from a year ago when Android had been recently introduced: It already had 35% of the smart phone market while iCrap was clinging on to 20% sold to the suckers out there who paid 6 times more for a buggy iCrap. It was selling 300,000 Androids a DAY back then and I am fairly convinced the momentum is still going in Google’s favor.

  2. Tipp Harris

    Apple needs to buy Adobe >>>.then there won’t be such bickering over the software updates, compatibility etc. for Adobe products. The did this with Emagic when they (Apple ) purchased the Logic music software suite. This actually made GarargeBand a more popular product.

  3. William

    Apple? Our family is a statistic resulting from the outsourcing. Then, the facts are leaking out how those people in China are being treatd by this Cali. company. I think it’s beyond greed; it’s nasty , selfish, downright evil. Everytime I see an IPOD or IPAD, or anything Apple related makes me sick to my stomach. The love of money. What a cost, to sell your soul for that new Mercedes, the younger more beautiful social climber to wreck an already fragile, shallow, materialistic marriage, on and on…