World Leaders Want Businesses to Create Jobs

Job creation was a focus at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, where world leaders spent most of their time discussing the lack of worldwide job growth, burgeoning income disparity and high unemployment levels especially among young adults.

The consensus was that businesses need to take responsibility for creating jobs and training workers instead of delaying hires and complaining about the talent gap. In fact, the International Labour Organization says the world will need to create 600 million jobs over the next decade, so someone has to take the lead. Here were some other key points and events from the conference highlighted in the media.

  • Business need to take an active role in improving education and workforce training by adopting local schools, providing up-to-date teaching materials and even providing teachers, if necessary.
  • Manpower released its one size-fits-all solution to the growing talent gap. Titled How to Navigate the Human Age, the report calls for the execution of a strong workforce management strategy, crafted and championed by senior executives.
  • Germany has enjoyed economic success by deliberately creating an economy where manufacturing makes up about 30 percent of GDP compared to only 16 percent for the U.S. The feeling is that the U.S. needs to follow suit.