Apple Gives Enterprises Reason to Like the New iPad

iPad 3 InvitationApple’s iPad 3 might be a hit with Apple fanatics, but are corporate IT analysts equally enthusiastic? After some nervousness and reluctance to welcome Apple devices into the PC-centric world of business IT, it sounds like they’re starting to soften. The following are five reasons IT will like the new iPad.

The New Retina Display

With double the screen resolution of the iPad 2 and four times the pixels, it dazzles. “For an understanding of where the iPad is going it’s critical to note the focus on processing power and resolution,” said Benjamin Levy, a principal with Solutions Consulting, a Los Angeles firm that specializes in Apple and iOS deployments for enterprise customers, in Network World. “The iPad is no longer an addition to existing platforms and work structures but is now fully capable on its own and will be defining new ways of working with media in the professional space.” For one thing, the iPad is now a better presentation tool than ever.

The Graphics Processing Boost

Since it debuted, the iPad has been seen as a content consumption device, but features like the new quad-core graphics processor will turn it into more of a content creation device, especially in creative industries, and that makes it an easier sell to IT, which wants to see some real ROI on its hardware buys.

The 4G LTE Wireless Support

The new and significantly faster 4G connectivity “will allow IT to port more back-end applications like Oracle and Siebel to the iPad,” said Manoj Prasad, vice president of global applications and testing for Life Technologies, a biotech products company in Carlsbad, Calif., in Network World.  This is the first time anyone has talked about accessing mission-critical business intelligence apps in an environment best known for Angry Birds.

The Improved Rear-Facing Five-Megapixel Camera

It’s awkward to use the iPad as a fun-in-the-sun vacation camera, but the new and better camera can be useful, especially in custom apps for data entry, bar code reading, situation reports and documentation. Imagine an insurance adjuster collecting photos and doing data entry on this very light, portable device.

The Lower Price on the iPad 2

IT is always looking for a bargain, and one fact from Apple’s announcement is sure to get noticed: the price of the iPad 2, which is dropping $100. That makes it an easier buy and will likely inspire large-volume buyers, such as universities and school systems, to take a look at the iPad for the first time.