Google Play is Better than iCloud

Google Play VideoGoogle’s Play Store is an exciting new advancement, even though it seems a lot like Apple’s iCloud. It marks the unification of several Google services: Android Market, Google Music, Google Books and Google Movies. All of an individual’s purchased content will be stored in the cloud and can be available anytime on an Android tablet or smartphone. While similar to Apple’s iCloud, it also does some things better.

Here are some of the differences that make Google Play better than the iCloud.

1) Purchased content is available even offline. If you purchase a song, movie or book using Google Play, you can access it offline by saving it for later. You’ll find them under: Play Song, Play Movie or Play Book apps.

Google Play Movies

2) Free storage for up to 20,000 songs. Unlike iCloud, which offers only 5 Gb of free storage, Google Play can store up to 20,000 songs, not including songs already purchased using the app. Users don’t have to worry about getting charged by Google and they can start listening to their favourite songs anywhere.

Google Play Music3) Play Music allows one free listen for friends. By using Google+ social network, you can share a song you previously purchased with your friends. Every time you share one song with your friends, you get one free listen from them. Google calls it sharing, discovering and buying music made simple.

Google Play Music Share Song4) Google Play can also be used anywhere, even by non-Android users. Basically this is possible because every Google user can buy movies, songs, books or apps on their computers and access them whenever on other computers. Google Play can be easily accessed through a browser.

Google Play on Laptop5) Google Play offers multiple share options and social network integration. You can share your “favorite books, music, movies, games, or apps to your Circles on Google+, e-mail, or text message in a single click”. Keep in mind that Google Play is expected to be integrated  inside Google’s social network.

Google Play Share Options

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  1. Features #4 and #3 are the only two that are not in iCloud. You can download any of your purchase for offline use with iCloud. Apple does not limit your music to 5GB at all!!! They clearly state that the 5GB is for data other than media which includes: music, movies, apps, books, photos. Yes you can share links to your content right from the store. Before writing an article you need to verify your information and secondly actually present important features that compete with the product/service you are comparing. For example you could have presented what is probably the biggest feature in Google Play and that is you can STREAM content! This something you can not do at all in iCloud.

    • Jaime, this article was not about Google Play having this and iCloud lacking that. Please read the post again, starting with the title.
      It’s just an article that highlights some of the features of Google Play. Some of them are done better by Google, while others are probably not.
      Only the user can decide which service is better.

      • The user can only decide what is better if they are given the facts. As Jaime pointed out, items 1, 2 and 3 are factually incorrect. Hiding behind the titile of your article does not change that. Also, any discussion of Apple’s iCloud for music service that does not also mention iTunes Match or Apple TV is seriously lacking in credibility.

        • Tom, the title reflects editor oppinion. If you read the article you will there’s only one feature of Google Play that is compared with the iCloud. And that’s the feature called “Free storage for up to 20,000 songs”. iTunes Match costs $24.99 a year, so there’s nothing to be compared between iTunes Match or Google Play.
          The article was wrote just to highlight some things done better in Google Play.
          I agree that the title could be confusing for some, and that’s why in the future we’ll try to be more careful.
          Thanks for your comment!