Five Skills That Will Lead to Raises in 2012

This year will bring an even more competitive IT job market for people with the right combination of tech skills and applicable experience, according to IT staffing firm Bluewolf. Are you up to speed?

Can you develop an iPhone app?
Developers with experience on Google and Apple mobile OS should expect an average salary of $98,000, according to the study. BlackBerry and Microsoft mobile OS coders may not be so lucky.

Do you have a command of
Experience with cloud computing technologies from, Google, Marketo and Eloqua may prove valuable. Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud also made Bluewolf’s list of trendy cloud technologies and received the title of an emerging technology.

Can you code a Web site in HTML5?
The demand for HTML5 skills is strong. Last year, salaries for HTML5 developers averaged between $77,000 and $110,000. This is projected to increase to between $82,000 and $119,000, according to the study.

Can you construct a database with MySQL?
Businesses will continue to seek employees with database development and BI (business intelligence) experience to help analyze the mountains of data they are taking in. In addition to MySQL, HBase, Informatica and Cognos are also hot. Data analysts and BI workers should see salary increases of five to six percent over last year.

Do you have user-interface experience?
User-interface and user-experience designers with more than five years of experience should expect a yearly salary between $82,000 and $102,000, up from a range of $77,000 to $96,000 last year.