Apple’s Announcement May Not Be About the iPad 3

iPad 3 InvitationApple’s product announcement tomorrow may disappoint those slathering in anticipation for their first look at the iPad 3. CNET’s reporting that the device to be unveiled will be the iPad HD.

That matches up well with a report from Gizmodo last week (and an item just posted on VentureBeat) that included an alleged list of upcoming cases from Griffin, listing the product as “iPad HD (3)”, as well as corresponding usage reports from an application called Tapatalk that included “iPad HD” among the list of devices using it.

Boy Genius Report, studying rumors that have been coming out of Apple’s supply chain over the last few months, has put together a list of the features it expects to see. And they are:

  • High-definition display with four times the pixels (2,048 x 1,536), without increasing the screen size (nice). But it probably means the case will be a bit thicker.
  • 4G LTE. BGR says this is “very likely.”
  • A quad-core Apple A6 processor
  • Better battery life, possibly double the existing battery’s
  • A Better camera, possibly the same 8-megapixel camera used in the iPhone 4S. That would make sense given the higher screen resolution
  • iOS 5.1 pre-installed

As for pricing: BGR says it’ll be the same as the iPad 2’s. There may even be a $399 version, priced lower because it’ll have less internal storage. As for availability, 9to5 Mac says the HD will be in stores on March 16.

Updated 12:05 to include availability date.