New BlackBerry PlayBook OS Offers Email

PlayBook OS 2.0Owners of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook can finally do email in a more proper manner, with the release of the PlayBook OS 2.0. The operating system update, which is available to all PlayBook users at no charge, has brought a score of new features to the under-loved tablet.

The most anticipated one: native email and calendar application. RIM’s decision to not include both of these very important apps when it first released the PlayBook had resulted in a lot of negative press and could have contributed to its lackluster sales.

The BlackBerry maker is reversing its direction in this aspect with the updated operating system. Instead of just slapping a conventional email and calendar application on the tablet and hope that everyone would stop complaining, the company went a step further by integrating social networks into the apps.

With the new unified inbox, the email client is now a messaging hub, including messages from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course, email accounts, multiple of them. The updated Contacts application has also been sprinkled with the same social network magic. It will now gather and display your contact’s status from social networks right in the Contacts application itself.

Aside from that, the PlayBook OS 2.0 also packs some extra candies to appease the enterprise and business crowd. According to RIM’s press release, the document editing functions have been updated and improved, and a new application, namely ‘Print To Go,’ is introduced. Don’t be misled by its name though. By “print,” it means sending documents digitally and wirelessly from your PC to your PlayBook, so there’s no paper and ink involved here.

In case you also own a BlackBerry smartphone, the updated BlackBerry Bridge app allows you to remote control the PlayBook on your smartphone. You could essentially make your smartphone an external Bluetooth keyboard with it.

And lastly, thousands of apps have just been added to the BlackBerry App World, a portion of which are Android apps. These could be handy when you’re bored with editing documents on the PlayBook using your BlackBerry smartphone’s nifty keyboard.