No Responses to “More Tech Jobs Come Back Onshore”

  1. Hi Cat Miller,

    I am US Citizen s/w professional with multiple technologies including, Oracle, SQL Server and many old technologies like Powerbuilder, Oracle Forms, Fortran (Mainframe).

    I am sick and tired of hearing “3- 6 months contract jobs” with no benefits or W2 with a “I-Me-Myself” type company, contracting with another layer…

    Will there be any way large companies will hire us again as Full Time employee (by dropping their cost saving, IT Offshore scheme)…in any day or in my living years ?

  2. Slim odds on being an employee in the forseeable (5-10 yrs) future. When an industry (cotton mills, railroads, radio etc.) moves to another location OR matures it seldom returns or expands a workforce. Take a look at historical trends. Besides you demand more than minimum wage and are hard to manage; you ask questions like “what is it you want”. I am not being negative here. I retired after 45 years in the business and have been a history/economics buff all my life. The economic trend right now is slow/minimum growth and it will continue until 2018-2020. Read the book “The Third Wave” by Toffler & Toffler. Published in ’89 you and I are living in much of what it describes. Besides, an employee is a “long-term contractor” OR a contractor is a “short-term” employee. Just the way it is – Larry

  3. I’m with you N68. Currently going thru this offshore thing and it is draining. I’m burnt and need to have the jobs come back home where there is a face to fact interaction instead of email updates or a call where they are rushing to get off and head off home leaving us in a state where we have to figure things out or what was meant in the email communication. Bring the Jobs Home!!!

    • The main problem our own US Government (doesn’t matter what party it is) don’t care about us. Parties are being funded by the big corporations and corporations gets the ‘Free Rides’ to do anything to bump up their profit and hike up the share price, to make the ‘Stakeholders’ happy..! The corporations only care about the ‘Bottom Line’ of the Balance Sheet. Frustration of the ‘Coders/Technical Peoples’ has no meaning to them.
      We the ‘Technical People’ watching our water in our pond is getting shallower, than yesterday..!! More tech jobs are in offshore than yesterday.
      Manufacturing, Tech Support, Customer Service, Banking & Finance already gone and IT is on its way..!
      I hate to hear when those freak consulting companies call me for a 6 months, 8 months contracts. The truth is no large corporate wants to go for a ‘fixed cost’ (Full Time) leaving the luxury of ‘Variable cost’ (Contracts)..!

  4. All good comments. The lesson that should be obvious by now is that the opportunity that once existed in IT is no more. The rates are about half of what they once were and in a down trend. In the long run you will be better off selling hot dogs from a street cart.

  5. XContractor

    IT is no longer a career path for technical folks in the US. I’ve been an IT professional for 24 years both as a consultant and now a long term employee. Most tech jobs are contract based, and with many larger companies utilizing offshore staff. You can do fairly well as an IT professional by becoming a Project Manager or Business Analyst, while managing consultants if you are a subject matter expert in various industries (i.e. Legal, Financial, Insurance). If you can position yourself as the go between for the contractors and business, you will do alright. Otherwise, I wouldn’t go the programming route as it’s way too competitive due to the saturation of programmers, and tends to have short term contracts for low pay, with the exception of the trend towards Linux developers currently. Until our government stops offering tax breaks to offshore companies/countries, it will never be an even playing field for US based tech firms. Good luck out there.

  6. This is encouraging news, however it is not what I am experiencing first hand. I have consulted at 3 fortune 100 companies over the past 2+ years, and all three of them cannot figure out how to offshore->outsource quickly enough. What is most strange about this is that although many reports (Garner, et al) now show the practice not saving money and even losing money in many cases, the dysfunction of corporate America continues…

    • Fred Bosick

      US IT headcount must drop! Directors are demanding this crap and mid level managers will not get their bonuses otherwise. Some companies will rationalize the losses by claiming that an expanded corporate presence in China, India, etc. will soothe the governments and induce local people to buy their stuff. Others don’t care because offshore headcount isn’t looked at the same way as US tallies.

      The only way this garbage will stop is when, not if, a major IT blunder offshore causes an actual financial hit.

      • USA is following the same footsteps as Rome did or Egypt did..! Do you know why these two mighty dynasties falls? Because both became completely dependent on slave labor and imported goods…! Do you see something similarities when you look at the ‘Manufacturing Workers’ and ‘IT Workforce’…?

        All companies are looking for ‘Short Term’ Gain and Quarter by Quarter net profit bottom line. Internally companies are just like hollow dynasty. Banks outsourced the financial works, Auto Industries outsourced engineering job and labor force, Health Care Service and Technology (HP/Cisco) outsourced the customer support and tech support. Now all is left high paying directors and CEO’s in the Golf course in here!

  7. Mr Bush pushed many jobs off-shore.
    Now the American job market trails the German job market partially because Germany did not off-shore at that high speed. Otherwise, Europe did its “best” to plunge, almost, into a second recession within 2 years after the “recovery” from the first one so pray before you search for work…
    Regarding Linux, probably if you check your Web server’s log, you may notice I’m running Linux to perform my job search and adding this comment…

  8. Not on H1

    I think a good start would be to stop bringing in H1s and stop hiring foreign students who happened to graduate with 7 yrs of experience. Gov’t needs to do away with H1 visa as it’s a scam. Immigration needs to wisen up when giving these visas. The whole excuse behind H1 is that there are not enough qualified people in US to get the job done. Are these people kidding? There is abundance of talent in US that never gets the opportunity. And most of these H1s are fake experience anyways as a very small % of them have any actual talent. The reality is that this country has been sold out by the gov’t to the greedy corporate heads. They will only get richer on the expense of the middle class and the purchasing power will move from US to the developing world. I don’t think any country in the history has been sold by its own people the way America has been as we all witness its slow but inevitable demise in to oblivion.