Microsoft Removes Start Button from Windows 8

Windows 8 Start ButtonMicrosoft appears to have removed the Start button from Windows 8,  stirring a lot of controversy.

When the Windows 8 beta first launched, the Start button had been integrated.

But on the latest Windows 8 “Consumer Preview” version, the button has disappeared entirely, according to pcbeta. No one knows why Microsoft took this action, but it seems that from now on the old Start button will be invisible and replaced by a “hot corner” (invisible section) that will have the same functionality as the Start button. For Windows 8, once you open/touch this section, the new Metro interface will pop out on the screen.

If the Start button disappears, what will happened to the hardware Start button? According to winsupersite, we should be calm because every Windows device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone) is required to have a hardware Start button.

Some speculate that Microsoft might reintroduce the Start button if there is enough demand, but for now, it remains invisible. Windows 8 is rumored to be released at the end of 2012 (RTM version), with an official announcement in the first months of 2013, though Microsoft hasn’t confirmed this.

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  1. Is it any wonder each new version of Windows is feared as much as anticipated? If they simply fixed the known “undocumented features” and added new functionality things would probably be well. But, nooooo, they insist on (almost) completely redesigning the application.

  2. If it stays this way, this is going to make it difficult for casual users of desktop systems. I have enough trouble with my mother and the “start” button – “What start button?” “Use the windows ball in the corner, Mom”

    Now it is going to be “click on the little empty spot in the lower left corner to make things happen”

    I haven’t yet had a chance to actually try out the Metro, but the idea of having big primary color squares all over my desktop, and not knowing if the apps are actually running or not doesn’t really fill me with anticipation. It looks like it will be great for pads, but I have yet to see how it will make desktop business users any more productive.

  3. It’ll be fine………. they are basing this off of the operating system of there new phone line OS Win 7 . Yes it works great, I know its scary people……….. But you can do it, Its much more user friendly than your previous Hunt and Search method of the start button I assure you.

  4. piratesmvp04

    I strongly disagree with this decision. The Start Menu has been the iconic symbol of Microsoft Windows for almost 20 years now. This move is just turning the desktop interface of Windows 8 into a more Mac-like UI. Why would Microsoft remove the one thing that defines their operating system? This is like the Yankees trading away Derek Jeter or the Patriots cutting Tom Brady.