No Responses to “Tech Companies Boost Hiring”

  1. bewareBigHireCos

    Whatever encouraging or discouraging news on hiring, I am planning to stay away from BIG companies that tend to move jobs offshore. Even if it would take me twice as long time to find a decent position…

  2. Could this *please* go back to posting a transcript to the video as well as the video itself? Not only can I read faster than Cat can talk, I can’t listen to these things at work, whereas I can read them….

  3. What planet is this women on? I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes only to be shunned by 99% of them. For the 1% I get interviews it’s done by a Indian and I guess they don’t like to hire outside their race because they mostly hire their underqualified/lower payed friends from India. I’ll stay unemployed until America goes back to hiring Americans.