Google’s Rivals Battle Back With “Don’t Be Evil” Tool

Google rivals Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have picked a fight with  the search giant by launching a browser bookmarklet called “Don’t Be Evil.” The bookmarklet rewrites Google Search Plus Your World search results to return content from Twitter and other social networks, according to AllThingsD.

The move is in response to the recent launch of Google’s personalized search, which favors results from Google’s own social network, Google+.

The bookmarklet can be downloaded from, a web site created by the rival group. It can be installed in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, but doesn’t work in Internet Explorer.

Here’s how it works: After running a search in Google, click on the bookmarklet, and results will be reordered, regardless of their source. Thus, content from other social media sources are now integrated into results that exclusively promoted items from Google+.

No Responses to “Google’s Rivals Battle Back With “Don’t Be Evil” Tool”

  1. Google Should make a web site called “StopYourBitchin” with a webpage that has all their logos and a Baby Crying. If you click on the baby sends you to a fake petition that asks all these service to stop their whining … and if they don’t like it open their own search engine.

  2. I stopped using myspace years ago. I *never* used Twitter and *never* will use it. I moved to Google+ from Facebook last year and I’m not looking back! Google+ is *much* better than the other 3 sites put together!

  3. Google’s new privacy policies make David and DH, above, look like jackwagons. They’ll change their tunes when they find out Google is data mining their text messages, analyzing their GPS locations, reading their emails, etc. All of this is apart of Google’s new privacy policy announced yesterday.

    • Bryan – Google is a great company. I know several employees that work with both Google+ and Blogger. Facebook’s privacy policies are total crap. That’s already been proven. And I wouldn’t trust Twitter as far as I can throw them.