Women Over 30 Hard Core Gamers?

We might want to rethink the stereotype of the teenage boy as the supreme gamer.  A recent survey by MocoSpace looked at gaming habits on PC, console, and mobile, and concluded that women over 30 rein supreme in average hours per day on the mobile platform.

Overall, 21 percent of the survey’s 15,000 respondents spent an hour or more playing mobile games each day. But the report’s most surprising finding may be that 27 of percent of women over 30 spend three hours or more per day playing mobile games – double the rate for both men and females ages 12 to 29.

Some other interesting data points are that mobile seems to be overtaking console play.

Only 26 percent are playing more on their consoles, and 23 percent said they are gaming more on their PCs.

In terms of intensive play, consoles win out – slightly. The MocoSpace found 21 percent play mobile games an hour a day, against 24 percent for console gaming.

Either way, they’re sitting down to play mostly at home – despite the mobile nature of the media.

“The fact that people are gaming on their mobile phones at home, often sitting a few feet away from their controller, shows that mobile is capable of grabbing and holding their interest. This data makes it clear that mobile is a viable alternative to console and PC gaming,” said Justin Siegel, CEO of MocoSpace.

What games are you playing for hours on end in the mobile sphere? Words with Friends anyone?

No Responses to “Women Over 30 Hard Core Gamers?”

  1. As I get older these things surprise me less and less. In fact, they seem to make more sense.

    I suspect the main reason older people play more games is that older people tend to have more responsibilities and more need to blow off a little steam on a regular basis. A mindless distraction is exactly what these people are looking for.

  2. katenavile

    Well, all this isn’t a surprise to me. When I was a child I used to play videogames with many girls who were in fact very good gamers. So women or girls do play videogames. About the age, I agree with the previous comment, people over 30 have many responsibilities a they need a getaway. In fact, I know some women who love to play extreme videogames after work, especially online.