A Cure For The “Sitting Disease”

Perhaps the biggest downside of working in the tech industry is that most of us sit at a desk all day long.  Over a career, that adds up to A LOT of sitting, and as researchers have recently told us, that much sitting is literally killing you.

According to a really entertaining and informative visual lecture by Dr. Mike Evans though, there is an inexpensive “medicine” that has a strong clinical track record of curing the “sitting disease.”  Walking.  Yes, good old fashioned walking, even as little as 30 minutes per day, has been shown to reduce health risks from a whole host of diseases that pick us modern humans off at a stagering rate.  And the benefits go up when you increase the walking up to an hour per day.

This is so fiendishly simple that most of us can do it on our lunch hour, which would be a great time because another side effect of the “walking treatment” is stress relief.

So here’s a great belated New Year’s resolution that all of us office dwellers can make. Hit the sidewalks and start warding off disease 30 minutes at a time.

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  1. I’ve been “In IT” for many years. Never had a weight, or sitting (except for commuting), problem. I exercised (almost) every day; either swimming, rowing, stairmaster/eliptical, weights or a combination. During the day I would, get this now, (when possible) actually walk to the cubby/office of whomever I needed to speak to rather than call or send an email. Now too many ITers do everything remotely even if the opportunity/problem to solve is a few offices away.