More Free Online University Training for High-Tech Workers

What many of us in Silicon Valley once thought was just an aberration could be the start of a new trend: free online university training. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the latest to follow Stanford and Princeton in offering free online education, according to Forbes. MIT’s online learning initiative, called M.I.T.x, will offer the online teaching of MIT courses free of charge to anyone in the world.

More universities have jumped on the free online university training trend.  The website Academic Earth is a clearing house of free online university training from multiple universities.

While most free online university programs do not offer a degree, they do offer a certificate of completion and more importantly, they provide an opportunity to acquire knowledge at the cost of the time that you spend.  Time and money are two expensive commodities not to be wasted nor used improperly.  Time spent on training is an excellent investment in your own career.

In an earlier post, “New Year’s Resolution: Take Charge of Your Training,” I challenged high-tech workers to “Take charge of your career” by taking charge of their training.  Here are even more great opportunities.

2 Responses to “More Free Online University Training for High-Tech Workers”

  1. This sounds great on paper, and maybe this would work for people who are pursuing entrepreneurship/self-employment, but if employers will not accept these certificates, they will be worth exactly what job applicants paid for them. I would hate to do all that work…and then reap no benefits from it.

    • Employers want employees with skills. Here is a way to acquire those skills at little or no cost – just your own hard work. If you choose to do this type of training, do it for the right reasons – to enhance your own skills. Do not do this for an employer.

      If you do not see any benefit in acquiring new skills then so be it. It’s your career. If you are looking for more “paper” then this is certainly not for you and you should not pursue it.