iPad 3 Rumored to Come In Two Versions; iPad 2 To Stay

iPad 1 (left) vs iPad 2

Apple’s iPad 3 may come in two different flavors when it’s launched later this year. We already heard something of this when DigiTimes speculated on a 7.85 inch iPad. But now, the Taiwan based publication is reporting otherwise.

Sources in the supply chain now tell DigiTimes that while Apple is still expected to launch two versions of iPad 3, they’ll both be of 9.7 inch. Both the devices are said to sport a very similar hardware: A6 quad-core chip, QXGA resolution (1536×2048 pixels compared to iPad 2’s 1024×768), and 14000 mAh battery, twice the capacity of the iPad 2.

The only reported difference between the two is rather unconvincing: A 5-megapixel camera vs. 8-megapixel. If this holds any truth, Apple’s retail store would turn into a camera shop. Holding both the iPads, customers would start asking if the extra megapixels would capture better photos, or even wonder if they would like a kick-ass 10-inch digital camera.

The iPad 2, still one of the best selling tablets despite the availability of numerous more aggressively priced Androids, will sell alongside with the iPad 3 as an entry-level device with an appropriate price tag. Apple employed the same strategy to enter the low-end smartphone market by selling older devices like the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 at a discount, while selling its best and latest at full price.

Earlier, the iPad 3 was rumored to be announced as early as February, but the latest report from DigiTimes places the date on January 26th at the MacWorld/iWorld conference, a show Apple stopped participating in during 2010. As usual, take the rumors with a pinch of salt.

Photo credit: Robert Scoble

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  1. Android tablets are not aggressively priced. Samsung tablet has the same price as iPad. It is hardly on sale. Other tablets are the same too. Motorola has dropped, but it is not too aggresive. Even though the Linux based Android OS is practically free, Android tablet makers have priced their products the same as iPad for their hardware alone. Apple’s OS is priced like MS Windows and yet it charges the same as android tablets. I’d say ipad is better priced than the Android tablets.

    • Not all, but some. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a popular one, priced at $199, and had reportedly stolen one to two million sales from the iPad in the holiday season. They are definitely not in the same league, thus the price difference, but some users need nothing more than a basic and cheap tablet.

      The iPad is still the best in its class in my opinion, and also in the eyes of many potential customers. That is why manufacturers pricing their Android tablets at the same or higher price point than the iPad have hard time dominating the market.

      For its quality, I agree that the iPad is well priced, but it’s still no match to the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. Everyone loves great gadgets, but not everyone can afford, willing to buy, or need one.