GoDaddy Reverses Itself on SOPA

GoDaddy against SOPAEven if the vote for SOPA has been postponed to January, every day that passes the bill seems to lose more support. GoDaddy initially supported the bill, but yesterday reversed itself. Why? It could be because someone started a campaign on reddit suggesting everyone transfer their websites to another registrar. Another eloquent example was from Ben Huh, the CEO of Cheezburger:

We will move our 1,000 domains off @godaddy unless you drop support of SOPA. We love you guys, but #SOPA-is-cancer to the Free Web.

Just one day later GoDaddy released a statement entitled “Go Daddy No Longer Supports SOPA”.

Fighting online piracy is of the utmost importance, which is why Go Daddy has been working to help craft revisions to this legislation—but we can clearly do better. It’s very important that all Internet stakeholders work together on this. Getting it right is worth the wait. Go Daddy will support it when and if the Internet community supports it.

As a company that is all about innovation, with our own technology and in support of our customers, Go Daddy is rooted in the idea of First Amendment Rights and believes 100 percent that the Internet is a key engine for our new economy

Now you would believe that this solves everything. You’d be wrong. Warren Adelman, the person who managed to be GoDaddy’s CEO for one week, thinks that if there were a “consensus” among “internet leadership,” his company would support the bill again.

Never mind what others think. The important thing is that the Christmas spirit remains and almost every important online company opposes SOPA. The list includes AOL, eBay(+PayPal), Facebook, Google, GoDaddy, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Reddit, Torrentfreak, Tumblr, Twitter, TechCrunch, ESET, 4chan, HostGator, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Kaspersky, Craiglist and The Huffington Post. Imagine just a moment what would happens if they all  chose to protest against SOPA by going completely white for some days.