A Flash Game Idea – James the Parking Warden

Many games build on ideas from previous games and this one is no exception. If anyone would like to program it in Flash or HTML5, be my guest! This is another public domain idea, no fees, royalties but a link back to http://insights.dice.com would be appreciated.

The game area is an aerial view of the streets as shown in the featured image. There are traffic lights, intersections and lots of traffic with cars, trucks, buses all pulling up and parking now and then. Your job is move James, the parking warden, along the streets to any traffic jams caused by selfish parkers and issue tickets.

The idea for the game came from Tapper, where your barman must catch empty glasses sliding down the bar toward him. As the game gets more intense, glasses come in 3s and 4s toward you and you must catch them before they smash on the floor losing you the game. Instead of bars though it’s James the Parking Warden, trying to keep traffic rolling through the grid of Diceville.

James has to move quickly round the map along the roads to clear traffic jams or get there before they form. When selfish drivers pull up for a minute or longer and stop the traffic behind them, James must get there pronto to clear it. Every few seconds, vehicles are entering on all sides of the city and traveling to another side, stopping at traffic lights and exiting, but not if traffic jams stop them in their paths.

Gridlock can occur very quickly if you don’t keep the traffic on the move. As he gets near a parked car, the driver may see the warden and move off, letting the traffic flow freely. If he doesn’t and the warden gets to the car, it gets clamped and a tow truck turns up in a few seconds and tows him, giving extra points to James for that! As each car parks, a flashing counting time in seconds above it shows how long it’s been there.

Each level is a new city layout, and some have roads blocked off so traffic must take longer in the city, leading to more holdups. On higher levels, the warden gets three cameras that he can drop at black spots. No vehicle can park near these or it automatically gets a ticket.

If you don’t play well and keep traffic clearing, eventually gridlock occurs and you lose a life. Lose all three and it’s game over.

To keep it interesting, higher levels also add the odd crash, random road works, closed roads and sundry other traffic stopping devices to make the player really sweat it as he tries to nip around fast.

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  1. Hi David,
    It is an interesting game idea.
    Do you mind if I post your idea on goodorgreatidea.com? I will make sure that your name is mentioned. Alternatively, feel free to post it yourself. It is an idea brainstorming site built for discussing ideas like this. Since the site is visited by aspiring entrepreneurs, there is a good chance that an aspiring entrepreneur may implement your idea.