Time to Get Busy

My friend Rob Miller’s article, “Christmas Is NOT the Time to Stop Job-Hunting,” started me thinking about some of the challenges facing people looking for work, especially in the mobile development sector.

Sure, money is tight. Competition is stiff. And it’s hard work finding work.

Robin said that since lots of candidates are taking a little break from the grind this time of year, there will actually be LESS competition. He also said that most indicators say that January is the hottest month to land something.

I wanted to add a few thoughts.

You’re a mobile expert right? You’ve rooted your phone and have all the coolest apps. You write app code, know the ins and outs mobile networking, and have tons of friends in IT. Your mobile device is always within arm’s reach.

So, how do you use mobile tech when looking for work.

Here are a couple of the of the ways I use it.

  • The mobile browser is my friend. When I find myself waiting (the kids, a phone call, at the airport, etc.), I pull out my Samsung Galaxy S and fire up the browser. I use it to research companies, find important people I should meet, or see what great conferences are around the corner. I might do keyword searches in Google to stay up-to-the-minute on mobile tech news and then read the articles. The point is that there’s a whole Internet sitting there on your smartphone, available anywhere, at any time. Why not use it to fill those gaps, that would otherwise be wasted time?
  • Ramp up contact through mobile email and messaging. Sometimes I find something interesting, while I’m “mobile” and away from my notebook. It could be a picture, a Web address, or maybe a QR code. I’ll use mobile email to send a quick note to a colleague with a link or attachment. Businessmen, old employers, and prospects are competing to scratch out a living in today’s dog-eat-dog world. Sending somebody a tip that could help them make their business or department better helps build a positive relationship. An occasional “useful” message also keeps you on their radar, so when they need help, you very well could be the one they remember first.

Post your comments and I’ll compile a list of the best suggestions, then write them up in an article.