Google’s Top Search Terms of 2011

Google Zeitgeist 2011Google offers a look at some revealing statistics from its powerful search engine at the end of each year. The company calls it the Zeitgeist.

This year, Google split its stats into 10 categories: overall, news, pop culture, lifestyle, science, tech and gadgets, sports, quirky, humanities and regional.

Overall, the fastest rising term was Rebecca Black. The “Friday” teen singer managed to top terms like Google Plus, Hurricane Irene, iPhone 5, Adele, Osama Bin Laden–even Steve Jobs. Among product searches, the fastest rising term was HP Touchpad, likely because its price was reduced to $99. Though the device is far behind its competitors in reality, in the online-product-search environment it managed to challenge terms like iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy, Android Tablet, Nook, and iPhone 4.

On the tech & gadgets category, the fastest rising technology term was iCloud, the service Apple released in June during WWDC. It was the last keynote for Steve Jobs, announcing iOS 5 and other updates. The top 10 rising technology terms were full of Apple-related words: OSX Lion, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5G, iPhone 5, Macbook Pro 2011, and Steve Jobs. The fastest rising gadgets term: Kindle Fire, followed iPhone 4s, HP Touchpad, iPad 2, and Palm Pre 3.

In the news category, job-related searches revealed that the term “resume” was the most used.